About MTC


Your specialist in mobile tower cranes

MTC originates from the entrepreneurial Munsters family from the town called Erp (NL). In 1898 Willem Munsters started his own business as a blacksmith. After the second Worldwar he directed his company towards the production of agricultural machinery. In 1960 the first mobile tower crane left the factory, which consisted of a lifting height of 12 meters with a capacity of 500 kg.


Founder Munsters started his own schooling and training facilities for machine building, since all parts used were self designed and made. In 1962 Munsters celebrated its 40th anniversary as a respected machine building company. Series production, planning and logistic became increasingly important in this period.


These were the most successful years for Munsters Hoists. Nonetheless the production of cranes becomes increasingly important. The first mobile cranes are released around this time. Munsters even mounted a crane on an old American army truck. Time and developments continued rapidly which also brought competition into the market.

This ample growth put a high pressure on liquidity during the seventies. Therefore a partner was searched for and found in UK based “Phillimore Securities”. Production grew steadily and Munsters received international recognition in the field of tower cranes. The oilcrisis dumped a promising development and “De Jong Machinefabrieken” became the new owner of Munsters after the bankruptcy of the English partner. De Jong later on was bought by “Geveke” which lead to the new name “GIS-Munsters”.


Through Mulder (Muldindustries) Munster finally turned up at the “Begeman Group”. From this moment on it was all about Mobile Tower Cranes engineering and production. The production capacity is enlarged year by year and the market requirements are growing. This lead to the most recent sale of Munster to Belgian based crane manufacturer and rental company Arcomet. Then the company’s name is finally changed to “Mobile Tower Cranes”. A name which stands for what we do.

In 2017 the company was sold to Max Holding B.V. . The name stays unchanged, the service capacity will be expanded and new cranes will be developed.